5 cheap ways to protect your motorcycle from crash damage

 5. Skateboard wheels
Using skateboard wheels is always an option so long as your motorcycle has hollow axles.
+ Provides protection low on the bike
+ Made in under 15 minutes 
+Made for less than $15
+Good for multiple crashes

4 skateboard wheels with bearings
2 washers
2 feet of threaded rod with two matching nuts
Hacksaw or similar device to cut rod

How to:
Put rod through axle and install one wheel and nut. Install other wheel and mark excess rod to be cut. Remove second wheel and cut rod. Install rod through axle and replace second wheel. Use second nut to chase threads and tighten nut. Cut an 'X' onto both ends of the rod and nut to deform them and stop them from vibrating loose.

4. Buy used frame sliders or ask friends for their old sliders
Motorcyclists tend to have a spare frame slider because sliders are sold in pairs and people tend to damage a single slider in an accident. Find one slider than find another and install. Frequently, slightly used or single sliders can be bought on forums for under $5.

+ Provides protection against side damage to motorcycle
+ Installed in under 30 minutes
+ Made for less than $15
+ Good against high speed and tip over crashes

2 slider
2 washers
2 engine mount bolts that are 10-15mm longer than the stock bolts

How to:
Locate two engine mounts on opposite sides of the motorcycle. Remove the bolts and measure length and thread pitch. Purchase two bolts 10-15mm longer than the stock bolt with the same thread pitch. Thread the bolt through the slider and torque to manufacturer specializations.

3. Radiator hose wrap
Protect your motorcycle from abrasion with an old radiator hose and clamp.

+ Provides side and slide protection to motorcycle
+ Installed in under 1 minute
+ Made for less than $10
+ Good for a half dozen crashes

8 inches of radiator hose (used is great, ask a mechanic if they have an old hose to spare)
1 hose clamp with a diameter greater than 5 inches
2 engine mount bolts that are 10-15mm longer than the stock bolts

How to:
Wrap the hose around the exhaust and cut off excess hose. Loosen the hose clamp completely and feed it through the hose and around the exhaust. Tighten until snug.

2. Spare peg sliders
Install your passenger pegs to absorb the impact of a crash

+ Provides side impact and slide protection
+ Installed in under 5 minutes
+ Free if you still have them or less than $50 if ordered used from a forum
+ Even if destroyed, the bike is still ride-able.

2 passenger pegs
4 mounting bolts

How to:
Install passenger pegs into their slotted locations and torque to specifications.

1. Hand guards/crash bars
Aluminum hand guards and steel crash bars are famous because they work, the only problem is that they frequently need to be made for the bike to properly fit, making them more expensive than the other options listed,

+ Provides side, slide and impact protection
+ Installed in under 1 hour
+ Expect to pay $50-75 for hand guards and $75-125 for crash bars
+ Try going to a motorcycle scrap yard and seeing if they can be modified to fit your ride

2 crash guards or bars

How to:
Install onto handlebars or frame mounts and torque to specifications.

What have you found has worked to keep your bike working after a crash?

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