how to repair a motorcycle crankcase cover for $15 in 15 minutes

What you need:
15 minutes
JB-Weld ($5)
Rubbing Alcohol ($2)
80-grit sandpaper ($2)
Paper Towels ($1)
Dental Pick or similar sharp, scraping tool ($3)
Masking Tape ($2)

I low-sided at about 25-30 mph and the shifter peg cracked a whole in the crankcase. The crankcase and gaskets and oil and shipping and taxes would cost in excess of $250. Instead, I leaned the bike over on the right side and cleaned the cracked crankcase with a dental pick, sandpaper and some rubbing alcohol. 
Once everything was clean and I had found the crack, I used masking tape to tape off the area around the crack, mixed and applied JB-Weld to the crack. I let the bike sit in the sun for 6-hours before righting the bike and wheeling it inside. I put a piece of cardboard beneath the crankcase so that if the crankcase leaked it would appear as a wet spot on the cardboard. Two days later and the crankcase isn't leaking.