bridgestone bt003rs tire review

The third right turn on a new set of Bridgestone BT003RS tires and the bike highsides, launching me into the air before I land on my left handlebar and puncture my spleen. Three months later and the bike and I have recovered enough to ride again. The sun has set so I take off to the gas station to fill up for tomorrow's ride.

After filling up, I start the bike and begin looking at the fuel mixture screw setting on the keihin fcr mx 41 carburetor. The ill lighting forces me to lean over farther and farther until the bike falls over and traps me beneath it. An Armenian couple was walking by and they stop to lift the bike off my left leg and they mumble something about a bad kickstand. Right now I am thinking about throwing away the tires and tubes right after I visit a California Highway Patrol office tomorrow to have my tires inspected to have a bald tire ticket dismissed.

The next day I ride around in gravel to expedite the tire's wear so as I can start hammering away at the tires. I set tire pressure to 28 psi in the front and 31 psi in the rear before taking off. After a trial period of 100 miles the tires afford great feedback. The tires adhere to the ground up until they begin to slide but they do so in a predictable manner.

I figure the tires won't last more then a couple thousand miles with the tire pressure so low but I want to wear they tires out so I can some Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires.