when to start pushing home

Having just finished swimming I wanted to log a few miles on the Husqvarna motorcycle before the sun sets so I decide to grab a cup of coffee somewhere and scrub in the bike's new tires. A coffee shop was less then ten miles away so I grabbed only a helmet and jacket on the way out the door.

After riding a few miles, I dip the bike into a right hand turn and the rear begins to slide abruptly. I kept on the gas but when the rear tire catches the bike the highsides in one swift motion. I was thrown over the left side of the bike and my upper stomach impacted the left handlebar. I turn off the ignition and stand up the bike.

The shifter fork ruptured the crankcase and oil was pooling beneath the bike. Avoiding the oil pooling beneath both tires I push the bike on the sidewalk and assess my situation. The bike is losing oil rapidly so I decide to start pushing the bike home. With my stomach in knots and my left shoulder sore I begin the two mile walk home. The new tires and new chain help the bike roll easily but my stomach is so knotted up that I can't do anything but wish the walk was closer.

I stop at a grocery store to go to the bathroom, just to see if I am peeing blood. No blood so I deduce my kidneys are alright and the stomach problems are likely just in my head. After a quarter-mile walk I reach the bottom of hill with a gradient of 15-17 degrees. I leave the bike here and walk the last quarter-mile home.

Once home I try to watch a movie and take my mind off the accident in the hopes of making the pains disappear. To no avail. After two hours the stomach pain is not diminishing and my face is growing pale. My abdomen is growing in size. I decide to go to the hospital, where it is determined that my spleen has been ruptured and my abdomen is filling with blood.