how to get a parking ticket dismissed in Santa Monica

This worked for me and saved me $56. I went here:

And began the appeal process that day. It is best to be expedient because if you don't act fast your ticket doubles. Spend some cents to save some cash.

I found the first 30 cents easily enough but it took me another two minutes to find more change to add to my meter on the 600 block of Wilshire Blvd on 9/15/2011 at 12.08 PM. When I found and added change into the meter too much time had lapsed. The meter thought I was meter-feeding and accepted my change but wouldn't give me any more time. As I was finishing my project in Fedex Kinkos I notice a meter maid on the 600 block of Wilshire but I had a few minutes left so I kept finishing my project.

The meter maid proceeded to stake out of my car for another five minutes and the second my time was up he began issuing me a ticket. Should I have scrounged up my change before putting it into the parking meter so that my added quarter would have counted, yes. The fact that I placed an additional quarter in the meter but received no added time is outside of my control.

Parking meters that accept payment should be given time at any point in the process and not just at the beginning one minute. If a meter cannot add more time to a particular spot then the customer should be entitled to a refund.

Additionally, it is a bad precedent and use of resources to have santa monica parking enforcement waiting five minutes for a car to go over their time by 30 seconds.