02 honda xr650r kick start problem

i try to kick start the engine an am experiencing binding that stops the kick starter from turning the engine over. after some research I found that the binding is occurring between the 36/24 tooth gear connected to the kick starter and the 35-tooth idler gear that connects the kick starter's momentum across to the clutch basket.

the problem is that the teeth of the 24/36-tooth gear don't marry with the 35-tooth idler pinion. the result of this miscarriage is binding.

all of the pieces are present and installed properly and all of the bearings work as they should.

all of the parts have been ordered from Honda and everything fits flush and as it should. i am at a total loss for what can be causing this mismatch

any ideas, suggestions or theories..?
Notice how the teeth don't engage well enough. it is almost as if a gear isn't tall enough.