everyday always

Once you have completed sawing an object remember to make sure a circular saw's blades have stopped spinning before putting the tool done. Watch the blade come to a stop before releasing the tool from your grasp. I knew someone that didn't and when they accidentally kicked the saw and sawed off all their toes.

I am careless with love but never with tools. I have witnessed carelessness causing hydrogen explosions and hydrochloric acid sprayed into the eyes of someone not wearing safety glasses. Fingers never grow back and acid etches freckle into the whites of their eye but being careless with love leads to more than being maimed.

I have caused the greatest hurt to the greatest woman I've ever know and the sorrow I feel is the heaviest burden I have bared. I have fruitlessly searched laterally for ways to repent and rebuild trust.

It is too early to tell if my efforts are in vain but still I will continue to be better today than I was yesterday. I will start by being transparent with my actions and honest with my intentions. I will learn to be more compassionate and considerate of her feelings. I will court her with all my means and mean the things I say to court her.

I love her all days, all ways, everyday always.