urban dual sport los angeles

For a dual sport ride in Los Angeles go to William Mulholland Memorial Park. HERE 

Enter off Riverside Drive and go though the parking lot and between the tennis courts. Continue eastbound and take a right and the end of the pavement and continue riding behind a tennis court and the soccer field. Continue up and across the pedestrian path over I-5.

Once over the freeway continue across the the Los Angeles Bicycle Path. This requires threading the motorcycle and your persons between concrete poles jetting out of the ground and spread 2.5' apart. Across the LA River and past another set of poles, we arrive on the LA River's eastside.


 Ripe pomegranates overgrow onto city property. The ground is paved and graded. After a mile we are forced to ride partially down the river's banks to pass beneath Hyperion Avenue.

Catch air by accelerating to 35-45 mph over either culverts that feels into the river. Follow the pavement until it runs into another overpass and merge eastbound onto Fletcher Avenue.

Continue eastward on Fletcher and take the first right (Delay Drive) after North San Fernando and right onto Roswell. Park and have a drink at the Eagle Rock Brewery