Graphic Art.Street Style.Highland Park

 Everything about this bike seems purposeful and genuine, even that puddle of gasoline that pools beneath the carburetor.
 When builder and owner Dave Loredo isn't designing graphic art he is teaching himself how to weld and his first project was to turn this 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650 into a hardtail cruiser.
The seat is made from four pieces of leather and a metal seat pan and supported by a spring. 
 The rear fender and its supports look good but it would have been nice to see a lip at the back of the fender to complement the lip on the seat.
 The spring front end looks good and it's good to see one being used on something other than a 70s Harley Chopper.
Flowing lines running across the bike-Frank Lloyd Wright meets Shinya Kimura.
 A comfortable seat is necessary item for a hard tail motorcycle.
 Everything flows into everything else, even the utilitarian turn signals look natural.
 The plastic sheathing looks like something out of Star Trek and the chrome air filters are a nice touch of taste.
Dave was able to make this bike with some help from El Diablo Motorcycles

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