Get your Vanson fix[ed] at Pro Italia on 11/8/2011

Visit Pro Italia today and Vanson will fix your tattered Vanson leathers for free. I arrived at Pro Italia at 10AM and was greeted by Kim van der Sleesen, who took down my contact information and began removing my jacket's armor.

She said I could come back later today but the jacket would be ready in an hour. I milled about, sipped a free espresso and 30 minutes later my jacket was as good as new. Kim recommended some Lexol leather conditioner to help keep the jacket's leather supple.

My jacket had a busted zipper and the velcro was starting to come apart from the leather. She smiled and reminded me to clean off any road grime before applying any leather conditioner. "You wouldn't put lotion on dirty hands, would you?"

Besides surviving multiple crashes, my Vanson jacket makes a great pillow in the desert. It feel great to support a company that stands behind their product and the event saved me $50 in alteration costs and two days of downtime. Kim will be sewing tears and fixing zippers all day so pop by Pro Italia and see what makes Vanson leather a cut above the competition. I felt safe enough to ride like this all the way home.