leak oil fast.BSA Thunderbolt.street style.silverlake.california

 On Sunset and Sanborn a BSA Thundebolt was leaking oil onto cardboard outside the Driftwood.
 A little dirty and rusty but the bike had the potential to do more then leak oil fast.
 Fitted with an extra long kickstarter, the 40 horsepower, 654 cc engine could reach 100 mph.
 Built from 1964-72, the Thunderbolt featured amenities like a build in steering damper and 12 volt electronics connected to a twin coil ignition.
 A plush seat and a 4.2 US gallon tank allowed riders to travel over 200 miles before having to fill up.
 Hiding the drum brake inside the hub's final chain drive looks clean but I wonder it the mechanical actuation would hinder suspension travel.
The Amal Concentric Float carburetor placed the main jet in the middle of the float bowl to avoid the problems with slosh associated with its predecessor the Amal Monobloc carburetor.