honda hawk perched in downtown Los Angeles, street style

At some point in a relationship you stop shaving your genitals with any consistency. In and of itself this fact is not important but once you become comfortable with your partner you drop the facade of perfection and let the real you shine. You hope the person sitting across from you enjoys you for who you are and accepts that your resume is the closest you will ever get to perfection.

Motorcycles are no different then partners and you could take anyone for a ride and it might seem perfect because it is nothing like or exactly like the last one you had. Overtime, the veneer of perfection wears thin and you don't bother cleaning all their crevices and try not noticing how their nervous twitch becomes this annoying itch in your evening. real love is when flaws become endearing.

At 406 pounds wet and 58 horsepower the Honda NT 650 Hawk GT weights slightly more then a modern Suzuki SV 650 (417 pounds and 64 horsepower) or a Kawasaki 650R (401 pounds and 71 horsepower) but the Hawk is a trustworthy bike. The kind of bike that wouldn't leave you stranded on the side of a road. A bike that still looks after 20 years and a single-sided swingarm that will still look sexy in another 20. It's the kind of bike you have to own once and maybe the first bike that you'll own the rest of your life.