free money, suzuki gs500 e in hollywood, street style

A Suzuki GS 500 is in the same price range as a Kawasaki EX500 but the air-cooled GS comes with an extra 10 pounds and 7 less horsepower. I always liked the simplicity of an air-cooled bike but one that produces less power and weighs more then a liquid-cooled bike seems like a bad investment.

Budget dual piston, sliding Tokico brakes mean you aren't going to worry about over-braking and the lack of suspension adjustments aren't going to make the ride any more pleasurable. If you're in the market for a beginner bike and can find one for $1000, then the Suzuki GS500 could be the right bike for you.

Then again, I purchased a 2002 Kawasaki EX 500 for $1500, proceeded to crash the bike twice, melt some clothing onto the exhaust manifold and sold it 20,000 miles later for $1500 so it was like free money riding that bike around for 1.5 years. Plus every pound and horsepower count when you only have a couple of ponies to begin with.