bmw gs 800 faker, street style mijas spain

The exhaust manifold leaving the block, non upside down front forks and single front brake disc prove this is not a BMW GS800 as the sticker reads behind the front left turn signal. The bike is a BMW F650GS as the sticker on the plastic shroud above the exhaust canister. This single cylinder tips the scales at 425 pounds and is being pushed down the road by a 71 horsepower Rotax motor. This bike was found in Mijas, Spain but was common across Spain as well as its predecessor the F650. A little fat for a single cylinder and the added crash guards and trunk aren't helping either. It's interesting the way take big-boned Beemers and proceed to adorn the bike in accessories. Beemer riders are getting as bad as Harley riders with fastening trinkets to their bikes.