BMW F 800 GS-street style Zurich, Switzerland

Besides non-adjustable front suspension, a 21-inch front wheel and wet weight of 450 pounds, I don't know what's not lo love about a BMW F 800 GS. The bike's angular, futuristic, design is subjective but a naked bike that can carry a passenger and saddlebags is a bike worth noticing. The kind of bike you notice at a gas station so you strike up a conversation with the owner to see if the bike is a proper motorcycle.

By nature I am a jack-of-all-trades so I need a motorcycle that works in a lot of situations. I have ridden a Suzuki V-strom for thousands of miles and appreciate how well the bike can handle on dirt, highways and everything in between. The V-strom is too heavy for anything more then fire roads and too under-powered for excessive super-slab but there is a sense of the bike having the right kind of limitations that will help keep a rider out of dangerous situations.

So if you're telling me that the boys at BMW were able to produce a motorcycle that weights 40 pounds less then the V-strom and has 21 more horsepower, I'm telling you I'm listening.

Buying a motorcycle is a tough decision but if ever I find a bike that can be ridden off-road, taken to a race track and can be ridden to the grocery store or somewhere couple hundred miles a day then I have found my new favorite ride. This bike was parked near the Zurich Airport in Switzerland and I remember wanting to be the owner of this bike in this city if only for today.