streetstyle: urban dualsport in Valencia, Spain

Spanish motorcycles are more inclined to have frame sliders and no fairings then the race-take offs and slip ons seen on American motorcycles. The ability to carry loads or passengers is a requirement of a Spanish motorcycle whereas Americans prefer motorcycle schtick to substance. Most of the motorcycles in southern California can be classified as cruisers or sportbikes.

Cruisers are long and clumsy at low speeds and difficult to filter through traffic. While horsepower is good on a race bike it is torque that riders need on the street. Sportbikes are designed to have high horsepower/low torque engines that can reach great speeds so long as you keep the revs above 12,000 rpms. On the other hand Valencia, Spain is littered with bikes like the Honda Dominator.

The Honda Dominator (NX650) a steel-framed, air-cooled 644 cc single cylinder, four stroke engine produced from 1988-2000. Classified as a dual-sport, the Dominator uses the RFVC engine from the Honda XR 650, which is good for around 50 horsepower and 50 foot-pounds of torque at 350 pounds wet. Add street tires, hand guards and change the gearing as needed and you've got yourself reliable transportation.

The Brembo front brakes are a nice touch and the locking top box is crucial for carrying anything that won't fit in your pocket.