Street Style: Twin cam Rat Rod on York Blvd, Highland Park, California

This five-speed, twin cam Harley Davidson was parked next to a couple of cafe'd sohc Hondas outside The York in North Highland Park. The bike was dark and chrome with a rusty gas tank and a skateboard deck for a seat.

"That looks like the only motorcycle seat that's less comfortable then my Husqvarna's seat," I said to the bike's owner. "It's not so bad," he replies, exhaling smoke. The owner said he was riding around California. Despite the bike not having any gauges, open pipes and an uncomfortable seat I surmised it was a good bike to travel on.

Not a good bike in a comfortable, 700 mile a day kind of way but good in a riding fast across desert terrain with a backpack and a bedroll kind of way. Even though the seat looks uncomfortable, this is the kind of stripped-down Harley I'd ride till I was sore.