Street Style: Honda CB1000 in Madrid, Spain

This is the kind of bike America needs more of, 150 horsepower, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, Japanese reliability and all packaged in a naked bike. I've got mixed feelings about the ABS brakes but this near a perfect occasional trackday/commuter bike. Too often riders have to sacrifice power and adjustable suspension when purchasing a naked bike but all this bike needed was some frame sliders, saddlebags and an open road.

At 478 pounds wet the bike is a tad heavy but combining a retuned 2007 CBR1000 engine with 2008 CBR1000 forks and brakes and topping it off with a lovely single sided swingarm and the CB1000 is a bike worth considering owning. Bikes like this are common to Europe and hopefully Japan is taking note and will produce simple, clean looking motorcycles that are more about the ride then the brand.

If you don't believe me watch the Motorcycle Consumer News video below.