Barcelona Bomber, Street Style Spain

Gold Excel Rims, Brembo brakes, oil in frame, 50 horsepower, fuel injected, hell the only thing I didn't like about it was the regular forks and the 5 speed transmission.

That and the displacement is too big for the machine. I understand that Yamaha is trying to complete with more exotic brands to create a go anywhere, do anything machine but you can't compare a single to a multi-cylinder engine. If I wanted a cheap BMW GS I'd buy a used one not a new something else. I doubt this would be my favorite track bike but for scooting around town and side trips to Mexico this would be my bike of choice.

The gold rims are a nice touch and the bike looks strikingly similar to the Yamaha WR250x. Maybe that's it, have a 250x for trips in town and a XT660x for more distant excursions and bombing across the streets of Barcelona when everything but the pigeons are asleep.