polishing turds: preparing customers for the harley davidson experience

Here are some excerpts from a Harley Davidson sale manual as reported from a Yamaha FZ1 forum here.

Harley Davidson is a company built on brand loyalty and to their credit they have developed arguably the most loyal customers of any product. But even a sheep knows when it's getting flocked and no company can survive without some substance to back up their advertising jargon. Then again the older I get the more I realize that advertising is the lack of truth and the whole point is to exclaim the opposite of truth.

This is good propaganda even if it's at the expense of peddling a third-rate product. If you're buying a lifestyle as well as a motorcycle why not get them immersed in the lifestyle from the get go. I'm imagining Harley Davidson dealerships that hire models to and walk back and forth at a 711 adjacent the dealership saying "Nice bike" with a wink.

"Recommended distance is 8-10 miles." Yeah that's about right for a day's ride. The problem with Harley Davidson is they're in the idea/fantasy business. Unhappily married dental hygienists and used Toyota salesmen across the country are looking for escapism if only for 10 miles a day but they shouldn't have to pay $24,000 to do it.