the making of a good commuter bike

Being poor is expensive so I ride a commuter bike daily to cut costs with cutting corners. I bought my Kawasaki EX 500 because a small displacement engine afforded me a lighter, more maneuverable motorcycle that gets better fuel economy
while reducing my monthly insurance premiums.

The bike has been made for the past 25 years with few changes, save adding a rear disc brake, meaning any problems have been well documented as have their replacement/adjustment protocols. There are a few forums dedicated to the bike when I encounter a strange problem or interesting question and that paired with interchangeable parts across many years meant this was the right bike for me.

I still troll Craigslist but have yet to find more bike for my $1500. With any luck I'll be able to sell if for what I paid for it in a couple of years, which is a great litmus test for any vehicle, especially considering I will have added 25 thousand miles and a couple of dents from crashes to the bike.