amarok racing

Michael Uhlarik built the Amarok P1 from scratch, including a monocoque chassis that houses the batteries, giving the bike a 28-pound weight savings over their nearest competitor in the TTXGP class. Reminiscent of John Britten's V1000, the Amarok P1 eliminates the frame by mounting the front and rear suspension to the engine or in the case the batteries.

The Amarok employs a Hossack-style front end, which Uhlarik explains, "The Hossack front suspension system is a solution that mates perfectly with a fuselage type chassis, because it allows forces to be distributed more evenly across a wider load area. Basically, traditional forks, as amazing as they have evolved to be, act like a very long vertical lever, which puts tremendous strain on the head tube area of a conventional frame. Compensating for this means structural reenforcement, which adds weight.  Our solution spreads the work in a manner that is less stressful on the fuselage, thus allowing for less materials to do the same job, saving weight.”

Photos courtesy of Amarok Racing