it lasted

One week; I went one week without having an outstanding ticket owed to Los Angeles County. Yesterday, I searched my driver license on Los Angeles Superior Court's website just to see that no charges were pending. I should have printed out the page because twenty hours later I was issued a citation in Manhattan Beach for passing vehicles on the right side (CVC 21755). If was good while it lasted.
Traffic was stopped as a car was trying to make a left hand turn on a small street lined with parked cars and one lane of traffic in each direction. There was enough room for me to skirt around the stopped traffic. I veered around traffic and continued south on my way to work. The sun was warm and traffic light as I took the coastal route to work today. Hell, I was early and thought I'd stop for a bagel and cafe before work just to treat myself. "ERROOOOOooooT" screeches a police siren. With no mirrors to look into I crane my neck to see a policemen on my tail.
Pulling over, I turn off the ignition, walk over to the officer and ask to get my drivers license and insurance out of my backpack. Officer Schreiber (Manhattan Beach Police Officer #277) allows me to open my backpack. I hand him my information and wonder if Officer Schreiber got me for speeding. Five minutes goes by and he returns, instructing me I am being cited for passing a vehicle on the right and demanding I sign the ticket. I laugh to myself, thinking of all the illegal things I've done today this was by far the most mild. I sign the ticket and respond, "I'll be seeing you," before mounting the motorcycle and continuing to work. Just down the street there is another cop speed trapping cars so I slow down, promising myself if I get pulled over I'm leaving America for good before I pay either of these tickets but thankfully I wasn't pulled over. A few miles later another cop is pulling someone over. I guess today is random enforcement day.

With a few minutes to spare I pull into the bakery, grab a bagel and cafe and read my ticket. I search the law that I allegedly broke on my cell phone: Section 21755
Pass on Right Safely-21755.  (a) The driver of a ( )1 vehicle may overtake and pass another vehicle upon the right only under conditions permitting ( )2 that movement in safety. In no event shall ( )2 that movement be made by driving off the paved or maintraveled portion of the roadway.
1. “motor ”
2. “such ”

I'm going to fight the ticket and I'm going to win.