seven cents

I have worked 24 jobs in my life with pay ranging from $25 and hour to $.07 cents per word.

Dominos Pizza-answering phones/making pizzas, minimum wage
Movie Theater-cleaning theaters/ripping tickets, minimum wage
QFC-bagger/night crew/cashier
Framers Inventory-warehouse worker, $10 an hour
Rose Garden-manual laborer, $25 an hour
Food 4 Less-night crew
News Reporter- $60 a month
OHSU-Medical records Vascular Surgery $8.25 an hour, had an office in a closet
Billy Rays- busser, minimum wage
Huber Cafe-busser/waiter, minimum wage plus tips
Oregon Department of Forestry- firefighter, lived in a mobile home on the edge of the McMinville Reservoir
Vicious Cycle-Motorcycle Mechanic
Fed Ex- semi unloader, sometimes I got free food
Galaxy Wine Company- delivery driver, I got free wine sometimes
Construction- day laborer
PDX Guide-Food critic, I got paid $50 per review
Dog sitter- couple of bucks
Promotions- badgering strange people to buy uninteresting things
Freelance travel writing- the only job I ever liked
Beaverton Valley Times-Newspaper Advotorials, hardly news
Printing company- paid under the table, worked with illegal immigrants and loved it
Keiser-wheeling the dead and dying around the hospital late at night/weekends
Austin Works- helping maintain, organize, catalog a 40+ collection of post WWII British cars.