don't die

"No, I saved your life," he says. "Not true, you nearly killed me," she retorts, "your illegal u-turn had us turning in front of traffic."

Semantics, he was concerned with getting to the beach and getting medium drunk under the moon near lapping water. The day was long and he already promised to see her before she left Los Angeles.

Leaving Malibu with a U-turns away from Malibu, they head south weaving through the snarl of traffic towards Hermosa for a drink. Parking was unacceptable so they continue south towards Redondo Beach.

The beach was deserted so they walk to where the shore meets the sand and lie down. Hair in the sand and hand on her waist he chases large grains of sand around her stomach until she's tickled into laughter. The sand being large enough to feel yet small enough to hardly notice.

Noticing the beach is quiet save the waves overlapping the shore and an occasional siren wailing behind a curtain of fog, he pulls down her top and kisses her clavicle as sand falls off her skin.

He falls asleep to the sound of waves, waking occasionally to drink beer and dust her hair from his face. They leave after 3AM, heading back to his place to have sleep.

Sleep came easy after an hour of sex that woke his roommate, though she never mentioned it. When he awoke the next day she had left without a trace and if it hadn't been for a good-bye text maybe he would have thought it a dream.

" You nearly killed me," she said. "You don't die everyday," he explains. "I'd die with you tonight," she retorts. "In that case I'll stop saving you.”