has mace

he already had urine soaked pants when we walked into El Compadre for Lisa's birthday an hour late. there were no seats open so we ordered Negro Modelos at the bar ($4 each). I handed the bartender a twenty and he handed me back $10 saying he was out of ones.

we go back to the table but standing in the aisle requires moving frequently so we sit on the ground near the stage and eat people's leftovers. a busser tells us we can't eat on the floor.

"we have to get her present outside anyways," he says. we go out to the car grabbing the byrds and a peter frampton record. i find some old wallpaper in a recycling bin nearby and we wrap the records together.

he gives her the records but she doesn't seem to care. i finish my beer and go outside to smoke. he joins as does one of Lisa's friends. the conversation piques when she mentions she has mace. "mace me" he says. she laughs and changes the subject but he doesn't let go.

he goes after her with jazz hands heading right towards her large breasts. she maces him but his glasses divert most of the face to his face. "again" he screams. she hesitates before relenting and maces him again. face pink, eyes watering he screams "again."

again she draws the made up and this time she puts the nozzle behind his glasses and sprays directly into his eye. success. he screams, scratching at the matted hair tangled to his face. cigarette done i go inside to see if anyone has anymore food to eat. finding a greasy enchilada, i eat it alongside stale chips and have have shallow conversations with shady people.

the food was goodish as long as you don't have to pay but their no eating on the floor policy means I'm not likely to go back. as for my friend, i thought after he pissed himself in a moving car on sunset blvd on the way to el compadre he had reached his low for the night then we got to El Compadre where we were told never to return.