close distances

she was down on her luck. i didn't ask. she was married. i was drunk. I never bought her a drink but I paid for her M&Ms at the pharmacy while buying condoms on the way to her house. she ran over a trash can while driving down an alley. we walked past an anxious dog upstairs to a triplex she owned. i figured if her husband wasn't home at 3am he wouldn't be coming home tonight. nice place. decorated well enough except the pictures of her kids and husband everyone was in bad taste. i looked for an escape just in case but to no avail.

i never asked her name but when she got inside she grabbed a water bottle with "tracy" written in blue ink. we moved to the living room where she laid down in an unused table and i entered her. she said i was an inch bigger then her husband and to take it slow. huh, kind of a compliment but she really needs to stop bring up her married's off-putting. the chase leather chair seemed like a nice place to continue.

she got on top and rode me but kept pulling me closer like we were making love. she wanted closeness. i wanted distance. we moved into the bedroom where she asked me to cum in her mouth. i did noticing the picture of her and her significant other on vacation. the sex was sobering me up and i got dressed and left. she protested. i grabbed a cigarette and went out for a smoke.

lighting the cigarette i began walking back to the bar we left an hour-some ago to fetch my bicycle. it was past four o'clock as i shuffled my feet making good time in the damp, cold night. no sign of her anywhere. the whole point of an escape is to remain undetected but the halogen blue lights of her honda pilot. "it was different when i was young," cried the 45 year old woman as i prepared myself to leave.

she was married. i was drunk except i don't blame anyone else for my actions, even strong drink.