too sensitive

"I can't do this anymore," she says over the phone.
"What can't you do," I reply.
"This! I'm not ready for a relationship with you now...anyone now," she affirms as if to soften the blow.
“So then we are not going to meet tomorrow for tacos, huh?” I reply
“Yeah, no,” she replies.

My mind was reeling, not out of sadness or longing but the odd fact that I am getting dumped by a woman I've never been on a date with. We met a week ago at a comedy club and after some playful banter she mentioned she had recently moved to town and loves tacos.I told her I knew a place and we should go on a bike ride together.

She begin speaking in Spanish and agreed to our “cita,” which means appointment; as in I have a “cita” with a doctor but “cita” doesn’t have romantic connotations other than two people agreeing to be at the same place at the same time together.

I got the impression she was seeing someone and had regrets about agreeing to our “cita” but I no longer cared enough to continue a conversation that was taking far too long to die. I suppress my humor and conjure up the veneer of emotion.

“So you’re breaking up with me, then,” I reply.
“I guess I am,” she retorts, “but maybe, if we see each other in the future we can…”
“…Oh no," I interrupt."I’m much too sensitive to be strung along,” I say before collapsing the phone into my pocket.