Matt's laughter

Today is not a day of sadness. Everyone in this church today had a relationship with Matt, whether he was your: friend, neighbor, coworker, father or uncle; he colored our lives and we are better people for having known him. The people outside of this church should be sad, they never knew Matt’s laughter.

We gather here today to reciprocate the endearment that Matt showed us over the past 45 years. Although our relationship with him was forever changed on August 23rd, our love of Matt will never diminish.

Matt loved giving, whether it was his time to coach basketball teams, a kidney to his father or flowers to his sister on the anniversary of his bone-marrow transplant or; he gave without strings attached or advertising his generosity.

Matt excelled at sports. Whether it was a touchdown pass down Lubao Street or the Hail Mary toss of a dinner rolls at Grandma’s dinner table; holidays won’t be the same without him.

Able to find humor in difficult situations, after Matt began having problems with his eyes he would joke, ‘You don’t want to get into a staring contest with me.’ Despite faltering health, his spirit was strong. Having battled leukemia and won, Matt never complained that life dealt him a bad hand, instead he responded, 'What didn't I do to deserve this?’

When Matt was in the hospital during a bone marrow transplant, he was brought to the brink of death and turned and told his sister Angela and said, ‘I don't mine dying if I just knew when.’ Matt knew how precious life is and wanted to be here for his sons Albert and Nicholas.

We all die, but a truer test of a person’s mettle is measured by the people whose lives were they touched. Looking out in this church today, I can see that Matt’s legacy survives in the heart of every person here.

Thank you Matt, for all the bounce passes, tickets to Los Angeles Kings games and the basketball that got me playing again. Most importantly, thank you for bringing Lisa, Albert and Nicholas into our family. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened-Dr. Suess.