Those in need

Actions yell, words whisper; so instead of displaying piousness like a Rolex watch, how have your actions helped make the world a better place? Me, nothing but my aunt Angela is someone who embodies the best aspects of Christianity.

"Can you help me with something?" she asks me yesterday. "Sure," I replied as we headed off to her car. We drove an exit down the Interstate and stopped at the church where she works. Once inside, she showed me 100 kids backpacks filled with school supplies and ready for donation.

Grabbing twenty at a time, I hauled the nylon pack into the back of her car. The backpacks were donated to the church and the parish raised money to fill them with school supplies before giving them to needy families.

No notes where placed in the bag explaining where they came from; they were donated to an organization that would disseminate them to those in need. It was Christianity at its best, thankless giving to the less fortunate without preachy sermons promising of fire and brimstone for non-believers.

In a town where the populace is either have or have-nots, this year every child will at least have a backpack.