Rich woman in a poor town and poor woman in a rich one

Its easy to be poor in a rich town and takes little to have nothing. Wealth and poverty are comparisons to another and not of themselves quantifiable; it's the illusion of wealth that we lust not the money. Living in a small town, you are rich driving a Volvo and wearing JuicyCouture tracksuits but in a rich town you need only a pair of six hundred dollar Manolo Blahnik shoes, a possible thyroid condition and an air mattress that won't stay inflated to be poor.

In Los Angeles, people display brands like medals of honor but chances are that while you purchased those Dolce Gabbanna shades, you neglected to pay your power bill, which has now been shut off, but its hard to floss a paid utility statement but the glasses talk for you.

Granted I am in no position to brag/complain as I find myself with more film in my fridge than food in the pantry. Any reasonable economic litmus test would find me testing positive for poverty but this factoid doesn't concern me. When there is no neither food in my house or money in the bank, I still have my words and they are the only thing that truly matters to me.

I can eat rice and beans every meal for weeks on end if it helps me achieve life goals, which now includes competing in Mexico's greatest race, the Baja 1000. When I came home after three weeks to find over five thousand dollars in bills, a ticket and a check for two hundred dollars, I laughed and cashed the check. Luckily for me, being poor is easy in a poor town too.