Heart cartography

You left today
to work then play
then you leave for the sound
and now and again
you reacquaint with old friends
there will be you and i in the end

when all is said and done
when time has ended our fun
I'll look to the sky
plead and beg why
we had to say bye bye

for that is the reason
to whisper words of treason
short changing ourselves
putting life on a shelf
finding strength in yourself

I'd shouldn't have said 'fuck your friends'
which served no purpose, no closer to an end
what I meant to say
is that you know the way
to find inner happiness today

follow your heart and not road signs
'cause they don't follow straight lines
but I can be a north star
and never let you stray too far
from the road you can't reach in a car

I can illuminate darkness wherever it lies
and promise not to tell many lies
that's not to say I have no agenda
I'm just trying not to offend ya
nor promise things I can't give ya

I won't always be poor and plan to go places
and dress you in the finest pearls and laces
and take you to the end of the earth
we'll rise in the morning and bring a rebirth
give me time, and I'll show you what I'm worth

I meant ever word uttered
although I slurred and stuttered
it didn't mean I was nervous
but I knew there was greater purpose
and love things far from perfect

I've been with others, some beautiful too
but none could hold a candle to you
that cheshire smile, your stomach scar
looks that have and will take you far
but not as far as where I've planned

Though for now I'm content holding your hand
and whispering in your ear
I will comfort you whatever you fear
holding you close as day draws near
and things I can't express in words

things you will have like to have heard
but all that depends on what your heart said
we'll flourish or else we're...