Richer for

The text message said to call my Mom asap but when I dialed her number, no one answered. I had a bad feeling about the situation and knew no good news would come when I finally did get a hold of her.

Before the text was received, I had this overwhelming sense that I'd be returning to California soon, even though I just spend three weeks there. I had no upcoming business to attend to but something said I'd be returning to California soon.

When my Mom called me back, I could hear the tears in her voice as she told me my uncle just died. "Damn-it," I replied while punching the steering wheel. This is the third funeral that I'll be attending this year. My heart goes out to my two cousins and my aunt who lost their father/husband.

Matt was a good person and my earliest childhood memories are of our family playing basketball, football and volleyball together at my grandparent's house on holidays. Matt was quick to organize sporting events or toss a Hail Mary dinner roll to a nephew at the children’s table. To the uncle that would take me to Los Angeles Kings games, to Magic Mountain and occasionally to ice hockey practice; good bye Matt. You were my favorite and I am richer for having known you.