Some rules some time

You can break some of the rules some of the time but after too long those rules come full circle and bite you in the ass.

We were speeding along the Clackamas River, enjoying the temperate weather and passing rafters lingered alongside the road. "I'm going to fast," I thought to myself as the speedometer flew past 80 mph. The road was unfamiliar, the pedestrians numerous and, not wearing leather pants, my safety equipment was not up to snuff.

The guy I was riding with was pulling away and I didn't care to chase. As I rounded a corner a green and white Park Ranger truck came flying from a side road with lights flashing. Considering the motorcyclist was going upwards of 100 mph, that Park Ranger had a lot of distance to catch up with him.

I slowed and let the ranger pull away but found both the motorcyclist and Park Ranger 5 miles away. Considering the effort required for the ranger to catch up to the motorcyclist, a ticket was probable. Sure enough a $150 reminder was issued.

Breaking a rule or two never gets you in trouble but thumbing your nose at all the laws is going to attract some attention. Break some of the rules most of the time and hope the Federalies aren't watching closely.