No one's looking

Words fell like tic tacs from my mouth onto the floor and before I could stop the flow of speech, the damage had already been done. "Who stole my three dollars?" I ask the nurse while bedridden in the ICU. "No one stole your money," she responds. "There was 13-dollars in my wallet when I was checked in here and now there's only 10." "No one stole your money," she replies.

"We can play your game. Let's turn the lights out and then the money can magically appear...thief," I say as she walks out the room. Finding my cell phone I call a friend and ask him to book me a ticket to San Franciso. "I've got to leave here," I say before hanging up.

With a ticket en route I grab my emptier wallet and remove my i.v. I walk out the hospital in a patient clothes towards my house some 5-miles away. A block away security picks me up and forces me back into my room with those drug-peddling nurses that steal when no one's looking.