June 18th was a day like any other except that it is the birthday of Brad Holsclaw, who died earlier this year. You should be sad though because I got to know him and befriend him but you blog reader will never know such a kind and considerate person in your life.

He was someone who never got a break. Once, when we lived together, after a party, I asked Brad to move his car because he was blocking mine in and I had to work early in the morning. He backed his car out of the driveway and proceeded to drive around the block. Once he was on the street a cop pulled behind him and when the officer saw Brad make four right hand turns and park on the street, he pulled Brad over. He is the kind of person who gets a DUI moving around the block.

Once he lost his job at the nickel arcade and needed a job fast. I told him I'd arrange an interview at the restaurant I worked at. "Fuck, Brad you'll at least need a haircut first," I said. "I don't have the money," he replied. So I gave him $5 to get a cut at the barber college. He got the job and worked there for a couple years after I left until he was killed in a house fire.

(The above photo was taken off Brad's computer after the fire and while it is not a picture of him, its close.)

June 18th was a day like any other except that it was the first birthday party thrown for Brad that he didn't attend. Maybe because he still owes me five dollars.