There was only one activity that had to be done today.

A phone interview at 10am with the CEO of a company for an upcoming article in the Portland Business Journal. I even went to bed at an early-ish 2am the night before to assure ample sleep.

Luckily, I wrote some questions last night because as I turn my head to inspect the time, my cellphone read a quarter past 10am. Damn it! No time for pants, this is going to be an off the cuff, thank god its not video conferencing conversation. As my sweaty, naked parts adhere to the wool, swivel chair he answers, "Hello."

He discusses the company's past, present and future as I rub crust from my eye creases. Experience has taught me to shut up and just ask questions; no interjections or affirmations that I am listening. No, I will save my journalistic prowess for the upcoming article on orchid hunting in Oregon and this is just a straight business piece.

Just the facts, then I get side tracked by a friend's e-mail saying she loved my story about our chance meeting. "Wait what was that about racecars," I say on the phone. Argh, this is going no where and my notes are not even discernible let alone legible. The e-mail describes our chance meeting as "one of life's smiles."

"Anything else?" he asks. "Nope, I think that's it. I'll send you a copy of the article," I retort before hanging up and making the commute back to bed. I cannot be integrated back into the work force; having been apart for too long. I fall back asleep thinking of "life's smiles," remembering that I need to get some rest...I've got a basketball game at 5pm and can't be late.