Rain, Shine, or Rambling

My pants are wet but then again, they've been wet all night. Having just gotten back from seeing Helix (or some similarly named band) at the Crystal Ballroom we went back to Annie's who then told me to go home. I rode over from my friend Doug's to see her and right after the show she begins asking me questions about promiscuity.

I answer straightforwardly but my answers were not to her liking. She is like oil and I am water yet we lack an emulsifier to bring us together. I wanted to spend time with her and wake up next to her and her cat Boo, who always seems to have tangles in his hair, tomorrow in the house down the street from the house I once lived in.

This calls into jeopardy our morning hike tomorrow. Despite sore legs, three blisters and an infected cut on the bottom of my right foot, I wanted to hunt orchids with her tomorrow. Somehow I was unable to act in an adult manner of mysterious sorts, which has led to her scorn and here I am damp, sitting on a milk crate near a finished drafting table and an empty bed.

These are my choices, decisions and reality I say to a computer through sequentially tapped fingers on off-white keys.

I will remove these damp clothes and fall asleep because tomorrow I am going hiking with rain, shine, or Annie by my side.