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Beverly Hotel

Nobody said running a model hotel was easy, but two brothers living Beverly Hills are doing everything they can to keep the tenants happy and the lights on.

Beverly Hotel is a half hour, character-driven drama about two brothers who inherited their grandfather’s construction business and, with the help of their no-longer absentee father, learn that inheriting money is easier than keeping it.

The brothers decide to move out of their home in San Fernando home and into more spacious digs in Beverly Hills. They meet Scott Whitfield, who runs a successful modeling agency. Scott needs somewhere to house models in town for shoots and the brothers are looking for a way to subsidize their lease. Woman come and go but despite living in a house brimming with tens and money in the bank, the Bohannan brother’s problems are only getting started. From weeklong benders to squandering money when your business is consumed by lawsuits and sibling rivalry; what ensue are the struggles of people trying to live the life of luxury on checks that are feast or famine.

From the affable, small town girl from Houston, Delaware who comes to Los Angeles carrying her childhood dreams in two pieces of luggage, to the Central American model willing to do whatever and whoever it takes to achieve success, to the southern bell whose home was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina; Beverly Hotel is a story about people dreaming for the impossible and finding success and failure in the unlikeliest of places.

Beauty is only skin deep, but sometimes it’s not even that thick. The brothers are riding a wave of the good life and whether they are just getting started or have already crested, they are learning that getting to Beverly Hills was easy, it’s staying that is going to be tough.

Adam Bohannan: 26 years old, brawny older brother, whose heart is as big as the diesel pickup he drives. Adam’s work ethic means he wakes up early everyday to supervise projects are being completed, although his temper and tendency to say whatever is on his mind causes as many problems as his hard work solves. Adam can be found buying a bottle at a club or borrowing your cell phone because of a past due account. He is equal parts honest and misogynist, often too much of both.

Ben Bohannan: 23 years old, slender, aloof younger brother. Ben uses charm to finesse his way through life. Ben gets whatever he wants by knowing how to ask and prefers taking his newest roommate out to the Getty Museum for lunch than visiting jobsites. Ben is savvy but often chooses immediate gratification over longer-term goals. Ben earned the nickname Spring Break Todd for a beer in one hand, a smoke in the other and thousand of dollars burning a hole in the front of his Armani jean pocket-sort of lifestyle.

Kathy Gardner: 25 years old, southern bell model that moved to Beverly Hills after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She drove the Infinity her parents bought to Beverly Hills, with a U-haul and boyfriend in tow; although both where ditched by the end of the first day. This sultry woman’s wholesome is a ruse to lull people into doing her bidding and she is used to getting what she wants.

Karla Santiago Marie: 19 years old Central American, whose tall physic and olive skin makes gives her the right look that makes finding work easy. This makes her the scorn of her fellow models that are jealous by her looks and the fact she gets cast at many auditions. Karla would rather walk to another club than down a runway.

Dana Jameson: 18 years old, fair-skinned aspiring model from Houston, Delaware, who just arrived to Los Angeles with a sociable smile and a blank check. This former Homecoming Queen is in for a big surprise when she finds herself a small fish in a big pond and the excitement of living in Beverly Hills, and at a house with a pool, finally wears off.

Scott Whitfield: 33 years old, gregarious, fashion forward man about town. Scott runs the modeling agency that stocks the house with a bevy of beauties. His success is due to being blunt and forward to woman used to giving orders, not taking them. If a model is getting thick, Scott does not hesitate to break the news.

Bryan Bohannan: 50 years old, tan-skinned and thinning haired father of the Bohannans. Although, Bryan was intermittent for most of the boys’ lives, his boastful ways can be found in Adam, while his live fast approach has taken to Ben.

Tucker: 5-years old, hyperactive-golden retriever that slobbers, enjoys biting people and gets carsick.

Target Audience
The show is marketed towards a teenage demographic of girls and boys, similar to the audiences found on MTV, VH1, or E! Consider Beverly Hotel a Three’s Company for the YouTube Generation.

Why They Will Watch
Woman will watch for the show because of the inter-workings of high fashion and watching the mettle of models whose addictions range from attention and sex to money and drugs. Every 14-18 year old dreams of a career that is glamorous and high paying. Beverly Hotel is their chance to live vicariously through the woman stiletto deep in high fashion.

Men will watch for the abundance of attractive woman and enjoying the fact the models are coming over to the Bohannan house and handing them $900 to stay for a month, let alone sleep a few doors down.

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