Good Guys Die First

When he was born on June 18th, 1979, the birth certificate read Brad Allen Holsclaw but to his friends he will always be Rad Hasselhoff. This nickname was the result of a mistyping on his first issue of Rolling Stone magazine and since that day Brad has lived up to being both Rad and worthy of being the illegitimate son of actor David Hasslehoff, as he often told strangers.

As a teenager Brad could be found taking the bus downtown to see 88 Fingers Louie at Stage 4 or NOFX during an ice storm. Brad attended Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon but received his diploma from Chemeketa Community College. Brad was heavily involved in music and developed close relationships with now-defunct Portland band Blue Turns White and hardcore band 36 Crazy Fist. Brad worked at Huber's Cafe, Portland's oldest restaurant, and was considered by many to be their greatest waiter.

While his friends and family are saddened by his untimely departure, those who knew him are better people for having had Brad in their lives. Chance gave him the name Rad, but his winning smile and endless optimism solidified how Rad he was.

A fire swept through his home on SE65th and Holgate on Sunday, January 27th and Brad was pronounced dead the following day at Emmanuel Hospital. The cause of death was listed as injuries suffered from the fire. His mother Irene Hernandez, brother Alex Holsclaw, and grandfather Manny Hernandez survive him. 

I sit in my futon, covered in blankets. His funeral starts in one hour and I hope the eulogy Ryan and I wrote does him justice. How do you condense a man's life down to five minute? When someone touches your life, as a friend do we not owe it to them to reciprocate that love and affection at their going away?

We did our bests Bradley. We did you proud. You were a star that shone quickly but faded too soon. Nonetheless, you brought light to this world if only for 28 years.